The oily water treatment solutions of Dutch Filtration

During the lifetime of an oil or gas well the water used during the processing will become oily. Completion fluids, waste water, acid flowback, hydro test discharges and the water used for water injection, pipeline and mud pit cleaning will become very greasy and oily. The effective oily water treatment systems of Dutch Filtration will remove free, dispersed and emulsified oil and hydrocarbons from the produced water. This oily water treatment is also effective for displacement water, bilge water, seawater and well water.

Complete filtration solutions for oily water treatment

The produced and waste water of oilfields and gas wells will usually contain oil, hydrocarbons and solids. For the most effective oily water treatment the water is filtered in three stages. The complete filtration solutions for oily water treatment provided by Dutch Filtration are based on more than 45 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

The feedback of international customers has been crucial in the innovation and unique design features of the oily water treatment units. The result is a highly reliable and effective, low cost, ergonomic and efficient process for oily water treatment.

Highest standards in oily water treatment

All of our units are tested in our own test centre to ensure that they meet the highest standards in safety and efficiency. The units have a compact footprint and reduce environmental effects to the bare minimum. The oily water treatment units of Dutch Filtration are among the best filtration solutions worldwide and are used all over the world in the onshore en offshore industry.

Needs from customer

  • Onsite clean up waste water.
  • Simple and reliable solution.
  • Economic way clean up waste water.
  • Small foot print.
  • No penalties for discharge of waste water.
  • Discharge < 30 ppm oil in water.

Dutch Filtration will give you:

  • Simple operation.
  • Equipment and elements designed for oil and gas operations.
  • Oil absorption elements can fit existing filter equipment
  • Coalescing, flotation, filtration,  absorption solution.
  • DNV certified, heavy duty equipment conform to the highest safety standard for reliable filtration operations.
  • 24/7 customer service, personal service and fast response. 


  • Single or Multistage Oily Water removal system.
  • Small Footprint ad Easy operation.
  • No bypass of Oily Waste Water.

We provide the following products and services

Unique design features


The oil absorption filter elements of Dutch Filtration have a high absorption capacity and removes all strong emulsified oil in a single pass.

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