Industrial process filtration

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In the oil industry, waterflooding or water injection is where water is injected into the oil or gas formation, to increase
pressure in the formation and thereby stimulate production. Water injection or water flooding is done on- and offshore, to increase oil recovery from an existing oil or gas reservoir.
The filtered water is injected to support the reservoir pressure (also known as voidage replacement), and also to sweep or displace oil from the reservoir, and drive it towards a production well.
Normally only 30% of the oil in a reservoir can be extracted (primary recovery), but water injection increases that percentage up to 50% (known as the recovery factor) and maintains the production rate of a reservoir over a longer period. Any source of water can be used for injection. Filtration of the water prior to injection is crucial.
Needs from customer
• Produced water free of hydrocarbons to discharge.
• Produced water free of particles, bacterias to re-inject for enhanced oil recovery.

• Guaranteed Removal of certain size particles and removal of free hydrocarbons in economic way.

Dutch Filtration will give you:
• Custom designed produced water treatment package, best fit for discharge or re-injection
• High reliability, High quality against balanced OPEX and CAPEX

Cartridge Filter Units
Coalescer Units
Media Filter / Nut Shell
Automatic Self Cleaning Filters

The purpose of filtration completion, worker or well bore clean up fluid is to prevent the downhole contamination of the
formation. Contamination reduces production and shortens the life a producing well. Contamination of the formation with particles can occur during wellbore clean up, perforating, fracturing, acidizing, workover, water injection, and gravel packing as well. Any time fluid is put into the well bore with a solid content, no matter how slight; there is a chance of damaging the formation.

Therefor all fluids used during completion of a oil or gas producing must be free of dirt particles. Dutch Filtration will support you to select the best suitable equipment and consumables to perform filtrations service; efficient, safe and against optimum cost per treated barrel

Water injection Filter Dutch Filtration
filtration completion fluids
produced water filtration unit

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Dutch Filtration offers filtration solutions for industrial processes such as pre filtration RO/UF, cooling water filtration, edible oil, (bio) diesel, fine chemicals and more.