Filter Press

Clean completion fluids or well bore clean up fluids are used for clean out and protection of the wellbore to maximize the oil and gas production.

The filter press 1200 sq.ft., FP1200, is a complete equipped DE filter with all necessary auxiliaries. The drip free construction guarantees an environmental friendly operation. The heavy duty system is powered by a hydraulic system with is driven by compressed air booster pumps. The robust constructed unit is easy to operate and maintain. The filter press can be operated in single or twin configuration with one slurry mixing skid. The filter press is available in high flow design for flow rates up to 32 BPM.


  • Compact footprint
  • Frame designed and certified
    according DNV 2.7-1 by DNV
  • Pneumatic powered hydraulicsystem
  • All wetted parts SS316
  • Connections SS316 unions fig.100/206
  • Stainless steel control cabinet
  • ISO Corner Blocks


  • Fits on every on-/offshore installation
  • Designed to global on / offshore requirements
  • Simple and reliable
  • No corrosion issues
  • 100% leak-proof and easy sealing
    with uniform pressure
  • Robust and no corrosion
  • Quick and safe fixation on truck
    or deck


  • Completion Fluids
  • Produced water
  • Work over fluids
  • Gravel pack fluids
  • Wellbore clean up fluids
  • (Bio) diesel
  • Surface water intake
  • Process water
  • Pre filtration RO
  • Frac fluids
  • Pipeline flushing
  • Waste water


  • Other sizes 600-1600 sq. ft.
  • Manifold sizes and connection types, High flow
  • Electric driven power pack

Unique design features


To complete your filter set Dutch Filtration offers a stackable slurry skid. This stackable slurry skid is also equiped with our dual vessel filter unit. The complete unit can be placed on a heavy duty filter press. The advantage is a small footprint. The skid is suitable for onshore and offshore applications such as filtration of completion fluids, gravel pack fluids, workover fluids and waste water.

Stainless steel control cabinet.

Stainless steel sluice pan.

Document box, 100% waterproof, easy open/close.

Our filter presses are standard equiped with a splash curtain for optimal protection during the fill cycle or during power washing of the filter plates and cloths.

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