Stackable Slurry Skid & Dual Vessel

The Dutch Filtration stackable dual mixing slurry skid is a complete unit for pre-coating, body feed and polishing of fluids. The stackable unit can be placed and fixed on top of the filter press. This set-up will give the minimum footprint during operation of the filter system.The unit has one frame and contains 2x 16 BBL mixing tanks, air driven pre-coat and body feed pump, two cartridge filter vessels each 50 cartridges. The unit offers a safe working platform.


  • Frame designed and certified according DNV 2.7-1/ EN12079
  • All wetted parts SS316
  • Connections SS316 unions fig.100/206
  • Air driven precoat and bodyfeed pump.
  • Stackable on top of the filterpress.


  • Designed to global on / offshore requirements
  • No corrosion issues
  • No corrosion issues
  • Reliable system with back up pump
  • Minimum deck space required


  • Completion Fluids
  • Produced water
  • Work over fluids
  • Gravel pack fluids
  • Wellbore clean up fluids
  • Process water
  • Frac fluids
  • Pipeline flushing
  • Waste water


  • 24″ Rudi Quick Opening Closure (no tools and no bolts)

  • 6 inch High flow filter configuration,
  • High flow cartridges
  • Epoxy coated colour
  • ISO corner blocks

Unique design features


Our cartridge and bag filter vessels are equiped with our unique quick opening and closure. Cartridges can be changed out much quicker and safer compare to the old fashioned swing-bolt system.

Inlet / Outlet Stainless steel 316 union fig206. No corrosion, keep you fine filtration really clean.

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